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Cape Verde's music has spread out across the globe from Boston in the USA to Rotterdam and Paris in Europe. However the hub is still Lisbon. With its strong links to the Islands and the long established community, Lisbon still produces many of the exciting new talents in the music, two of whom will tour the UK in November 2003..

In Lisbon if you want to play live then it mostly means playing in Cape Verde or Brazilian bands. A good place to meet musicians is on a Tuesday or Wednesday late night in B-Leza. See >>The Scene>>

The artistes featured on these pages will be on the Women of Cape Verde tour in November 2003 and also have new CDs released to coincide with the tour.

Nancy Vieira
New rhythms within classic traditions.

Nancy Vieira is one of Cape Verde's latest revelations. From her first public notice (winning a TV singing contest) she went on to record as featured artist on the Live at B-Leza CD, alongside many of the great names in Cape Verdian music. She has just recorded her second solo CD, which provides fresh interpretations of classic CV sounds but spiced with rhythms new to UK audiences.

"The close knit community has allowed for a real fusing of styles from the PALOP countries, particularly Cape Verde"


These singers are  some of the most exciting newcomers in Cape Verde. Through them you can get a real sense of the wide range of music and styles around. Click their pictures for further detail.

Maria Alice
Morna with a Caribbean flavour.

Maria Alice performs the well-known Morna style, made famous by Cesaria Evora. Maria has created her own style, which has a more Caribbean flavour. Having performed with many of the top names in Morna including Evora, Paulinho Viera and Humberto Ramos she is a highly accomplished stage artist.

Cape Verdian soul, jazz and RnB.

Lura is one of the most charismatic new talents to have emerged in recent years. Mixing the rhythms of her native Cape Verde with soul, jazz and RnB she could be described as a cross over artist. Her musical style is also the result of a variety of influences including work with artists from other PALOP countries including Paulo Flores and Teta Lagrimas from Angola.


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